Chiropractic Treatment Helps to Keep Me and My Employees Going

As a construction foreman who owns my own company, I think that I’ve given several San Francisco chiropractors a run for their money, including Mr. Ruiz Morgan. I’ve seen many of them for all sorts of aches and pains over two decades of time. No matter how often I show up for help, they have always been able to help me so that I can get back up and running with my company once again afterward. Without their help, I don’t even think that could run my own business anymore.

My dad was in construction, and at some point, he started his own company. When I was 16 years old, he hired me to work with him. I loved the work, and I always did. I prefer to be very hands-on when it comes to work. I could never sit in a stuffy office working at a desk 8-hours a day and bored out of my mind. I love meeting all the different people when we work for in their homes or their businesses, but it is rough work. I have hurt myself on many occasions while on the job. I don’t have the time to sit at home without working. So it is a must that I had immediate help at all times when I’ve hurt myself in the past.

I often tell my employees that they need to go see a chiropractor when they are injured. I have even helped pay for some of their appointments. They are really grateful for this because they go to the appointment to explain what problem they have, and they always received the help they need. This saves me a lot of money, and it helps my employees to keep earning a regular paycheck with no troubles at all. It also helps to keep my customers very happy with the services that we provide. We work work 24/7 if need be at times.

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