My Back Pain is Behind Me

For the past couple of weeks, I have been having back problems. It is very unpleasant. I am not sure of how the whole thing started. It could have happened from at any time. I suspect that it happened when my wife Pearl and I were redecorating our home. I moved some heavy boxes and appliances around the house. I did this all day. I might have lifted heavy things in the wrong way. I also could have injured myself playing tennis. I need a Phoenix chiropractor to heal my back.

I first noticed the pain when I was having a relaxing moment with Pearl. We were watching a movie on our couch. I tried to change my position and I felt a sharp pain in my back. No matter where I turned, my back was still in pain. It was very uncomfortable. Sleeping was also an unpleasant experience. My back was in so much pain, I had to sleep on my stomach. I could not even get a good night’s rest in my own bed. This mad me very unhappy.

The next morning was no picnic either. Sitting at the dinner table also made my back hurt. I could not properly enjoy the meal that my wife prepared for me. Pearl was so worried for me. She got some ointment for my sore back. She offered to rub the ointment on my aching back. She made me promise her that if my back did not get better, I would go to the doctor. My back was still in pain. I was desperate. I decided to go.

The doctor had a lot of great reviews online. Not one of them were negative. The staff at the office was very friendly and helpful. The doctor gave me x-rays. I strained my back muscles, but it was not serious. He gave me a harness to wear and pain pills. I hope this will heal my back.

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